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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your reply,

in #10112 1) very sorry to hear that you facing api blank reply issues, is that something that happened in that particular time or is it a code that always respond with the blank api reply. If it is something permanent we would need to address this issue to the inteliqent senior developer for investigation.

If this is the case (permanent issue) please kindly send us your codding piece commands that not being responded back properly we will work on possible resolution. We must make the auto purchase notifications 100% functioning.

2) we have activated developer5 admin permissions on EN site the tested password can be found on your office page. Same for the FTP access we have re activated FTP access path that is available on your office page as well.

Please check if that both ADMIN and FTP are working will come back to the office after working hours (your time and will assist you with the rest of credentials) to make sure that you can access EN and start repairs.