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Mark Hanson
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more comments in addition to #10083

Notifications –

a) Some notifications from Inteligent provider but titled PeerLess please ensure that Title’s are correct Peerless from Peerless and Inteligent from Inteligent. Number purchased number from Inteligent but notification come with Peerless in title.
b) Please make sure that notification text is aligned, framed and looking professional on all devises as it is not so now.
c) When numbers purchased from Voip it used to be creating a purchase order https://portal.voip.us/admin/vieworders and Order # used to be sent with notification email we can not see it now. Could you please check

PeerLess –

We created rules but it is not working for Peerless please check this as we need to track important numbers and we missing them now. Peerless not searching

a) We can see this page still exist do we need two pages of the same content https://portal.voip.us/admin/numbersrules#
b) have you also removed all old scripts from the Voip site yet?