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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates,
for #10044 – good question i think it would be great to have a weekly email saying that there were no matching numbers criteria detected for the last week so site admin will be aware that the system works and checking all rules but last week could not find. However it is very crucial to ensure that system wont miss any of the numbers rules set by the VOip admin so they can get their very important numbers immediately as they released on the vendors side.

This is the main key of this Voip Upgrade project job so please ensure it works 110%

for #10046 we can see some notifications started coming to the site admin email but it is very messy and has to be all sorted. Probably due to multiple scripts being worked on the Voip API scanning.

Could you please ensure that all the other notification noise has deemed and we can receive clear notifications about the numbers set on the Voip Upgrade table.

As mentioned in #10046 you can disable all other OLD searching rules scripts on the Voip ONLY if Voip Upgrade table is complete and 100% working. Please read #10046 for more details.


At this stage we facing following issues and observing very messy notifications report being delivered to the Voip admin email box and overloading it with wrong notifications please fix it asap:

1) We have been receiving notification about 612 area code but we did not set any rule for this area code.

2) Then we tried to put 417-417 but we have been receiving numbers starting from 417
It should work as this – IF WE ADD Code 417 and first three digits 417 then script should search ONLY 417-417 or 417 -999 but your script searching ALL numbers that ends with 417 and bulking our mail box.

3) Also it does not search NPA-NXX

4) Also we checked auto reservation on Intelligent – it does not work
5) We checked auto purchase – It does not work

it is very messy and we simply being overloaded our emails with different unwanted notifications as it is working incorrectly.

a) Please ensure that Voip Upgrade table 100% works.
b) Implement #10032
c) Please add your email to Notifications when testing (for 1-2 hours email and test that it all works correctly) then remove email to not junk mail box.
d) Please insure that all notification messages look clear; For example currently we can only see message >> NUMBER BEGINS WITH 417<< but it is not clear is it just notification, auto reserved, or auto purchase please make the notification messages looking clear please read here #10042 as it should be Cheers