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Mark Hanson
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Hi Nishit we have just discussed with the Voip team and as their site admins say that at this stage there is no any notification coming from your Voip Upgrade table rule. Please kindly double check.

To remind you- that there suppose to be three different notifications coming trough regarding following statuses:
1) Notify – notification about when matching rule numbers released at the vendors side.
2) Auto Reserve – Numbers combination matching rule have been auto reserved.
3) Auto Purchase – Numbers combination matching rule have been auto purchased to the site admin account.

Question about auto purchase.
Please let us also know how the system is going to be working when numbers matching rule will find 10 or 100 similar numbers combinations that matching site admin rule will all of these 100 numbers going to be auto purchased? Please advice. If so, we may need to create an update task for this function where we can specify / moderate this function in the future to add some limitations or exceptions for auto purchase scenario.