Emoticons Comments / Messages

Emoticons display in errors when we add emoticons while commenting and sending privet messages using our apps or desktop.

Checkout from APPs

Product image is not showing up while checkout from the APPs.

Stripe on APPs

We  tried to add a product to cart from new app then proceed to checkout and selected stripe, the stripe card input has been opened this time and it was a good news so we did not complete processing our payment and closed the page. However email has been come that the order is processing and i could see this UNCOMPLETE order on my orders page. If the order not completed it should not be sending notifications that order submitted and processing.

Photo Albums – Not Justified Mode

When photo albums justified view turned off the photos not being loaded on scroll down. It can be scrolled once or twice and then it freezes.  Also “view more” button not sho0sed and clicked pictures not being loaded.

Black Font  Black Theme

Customers complain that when they put their text they can not see the black font on a black theme.


We uploaded image on forum and linked that image with URL and clicked save. After page reloaded the link has not been saved 🙁 please fix.

Also when we post a forum reply facebook connect popup asked us to login to facebook to share content i tried to login but if did nit work and pop up appeared again, please fix.

Attachments in Apps Privet messaging

This is what happens when we attach audio to privet messages.


Attachments Videos in Privet messaging

This is what happens when we attach video to privet messages.

Attached Photos & Videos from Apps

When members attach images and videos to privet messages from their APPs it can not be previewed from deck top as images are very small and large preview button does not work.

Plugin Not Fully Installed

Please complete plugin installation.

Emailed Invoice

Some text of the invoice message is not showing up please format it properly.

Suggestion Plugin

This is what happens when members use suggest to friend plugin, the screen shot below has been sent from member who tried to suggest a group.

Please kindly test all tasks before reporting completion.
Good luck !