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Jeff Simpson
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Hello Mark, Nishit,

Mark it looks like Nishit has left for his weekend, from #9987 we can see that this job is going to be done asap but day after #9993 we starting negotiations and no work done again.

Nishit as Andrey #9986 and Mark #9994 already cleared for you that this job is incomplete which lead us to our budget loss and task expiry and huge delay with many tasks that we planned for this year.

Despite all that we have still trying to pay you respect and understanding more over – we assigned uncomplete tasks budget as addition to https://webmaklay.com/voip-upgrades/ which brings us to the following calculations as below:

a) Previous tasks (uncomplete) $315 left for developer as an encouraging budget unless https://webmaklay.com/voip-upgrades/ complete URGENTLY

b) https://webmaklay.com/voip-upgrades/ due to huge financial loss and development delay budgeted $ 150

Total $465 – assigned to developer (payment conditional subject to clause a)

Now your #9993 – you mentioning about your effort and task budget that you sounding a bit unhappy.

Just to let you know that because we stick to siliconinfo company and still keep holding other applicants who just desperate to work with webmaklay proposing us multiple and very attractive opportunities to modernase most of our projects and im afraid that this budget is way enough for the job assigned https://webmaklay.com/voip-upgrades.

Therefore just to save yours and ours time please kindly reply back to us with your wiliness and reliability to continue working with us as we can not work this way as we experienced last two months. Our finance spendings jumped up double for developer support and various systems coordination works.

So we encouraging you to review your requests mentioned in #9993 and complete this job as soon as possible as we do not have any more room for waiting and further negotiations. Please read here for more details https://webmaklay.com/faq-items/how-to-get-paid-more-for-your-development-work/

Especially as we have been fully analyzing all our jobs/ task budgets and provided you all details ( #9989 even explains you how to use your codding while this urgent task development) about how this job https://webmaklay.com/voip-upgrades can be complete faster.

Our team support got paid despite of our government holiday season in our regions to support you in your soonest development completion.

In conclusion we believe we have done and offered you all the best so you can complete this https://webmaklay.com/voip-upgrades urgent task for us.

Now please take it seriously and let us know if it is clearly understood from your side and reply back to us with your EST before we taken any decision from our end that may affect your further contacting ship with Webmaklay.

Best wishes Jeff S