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Nishit Shan
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As I check code and there is no error reported on log file for the Notification. I checked the crones for number pulling from the vendor’s API my summery here bellow.

Peerless :
On peerless crone it scans for admin numbers choice (https://portal.voip.us/admin/settings) to peetless Api on every hours as it set on vendors settings (https://i.postimg.cc/J75cH69b/screenshot-portal-voip-us-2022-12-08-10-16-47.png) because it peerless provide 200 numbers on one request.And it sends notifications while it get any numbers related to the Admin Number choice and it stores this numbers into TempVanityPoolNumbers.
And after that it will transfer all Admin Choice numbers from TempVanityPoolNumbers table to VanityPoolNumbers table on every six hours as it set on vendor setting (https://portal.voip.us/admin/settings). And it also send notification to the Admin emails (https://i.postimg.cc/43FtQjX0/screenshot-portal-voip-us-2022-12-08-10-31-06.png).

With this numbers notification i added my code for to check the area-code choice i did not make any changes into existing code.

Inteligent :
On Inteligent crone it scans numbers on every 2 hours as it set on the vendors settings page and it checks numbers from admin number choice and also It check for
$formating_array = [
‘0’ => ‘xxxxxxx000’,
‘1’ => ‘xxxxxxx111’,
‘2’ => ‘xxxxxxx222’,
‘3’ => ‘xxxxxxx333’,
‘4’ => ‘xxxxxxx444’,
‘5’ => ‘xxxxxxx555’,
‘6’ => ‘xxxxxxx666’,
‘7’ => ‘xxxxxxx777’,
‘8’ => ‘xxxxxxx888’,
‘9’ => ‘xxxxxxx999’,
And Also it add this numbers to the TempVanityPoolNumbers table and after that it add to the VanityPoolNumbers table with admin choice criteria and it also send notification to the admin notification table.

This are the functionality of admin numbers notification.