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Thank you Mark, Nishit,

Nishit with this new area codes and unspecified numbers, we are thinking about new task that we would like to add but need to find if you can do it,

When we set up a new area code notification rule for example 212 area code and when numbers filed is blank, then system searches any number that comes under new 212 area code.

So as Mark mentioned it can be 1000 numbers and notification comes saying about 1000 new numbers and we can click and view these numbers or preview it somehow BUT

are we able to make the system automatically reserve and even buy some “easy to remember” of them for example reserve and buy all numbers that end with 5555 or 8888 and so on.

Aer your able to do it? Please let us know if you can we add the job and budget for that task.

We need this function so we wont miss those numbers that released at night time for example and someone else purchase them. I think we have got that option working already (developer for inteligent) but we need it for PeerLess.
Could you please advice.,

Thank you!