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Nishit Shan
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Thanks for the comments:

Vendors Optimization : As per current functionality it displays vendor list directly from the telinta Api. There is no table available for vendors on database or in simple word it is not storing any vendors data on Voip. So on vendors page it is displaying that vendors which are available on telinta.
When you tried to save the data duration it stores the data on database but there was some issue on preview that data. Now it is working correctly.
As per data import process it will use this stores data for user search. we changed it for the admin search area.

Notifications Settings Optimization : Ok, I will check that.

Notification Page :
a) Ok, i made required changes,
b) I added bulk selector on table header
c) when you click on the table head or column name on this area (https://i.postimg.cc/1tHRCnrR/screenshot-portal-voip-us-2022-11-24-11-22-46.png) it will sort as per clicked columns data into ascending or Descending.