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Jeff Simpson
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Hello Nishit, Mark thank you for your support, for Nishit message #9788 – we are getting more and more rely on your experience working with us so you come up with more efficient ways to do this particular or other tasks. The API integration has been already done by SiliconInfo company and we paid for this job.

As you finding this functionality is not efficient now and not providing accurate information in terms of numbers ordering and searching we are happy for you to rebuild it as you believe will be more efficient. Once the job complete we will re assess your new codding approach and test the work will be happy to add more funds to your already nominated budget.

an other point is: – for us to be able to add more funds to such logic tasks we expect such task completion with no delays so we wont ruin our budget and can evaluate your produced out come thoroughly.

for Mark message #9788 – yes absolutely correctly, we always monitor all labor hours against produced outcome and implement all financial calculation accordingly.

So again it is good to keep our communication streams so we could preserve our budget in case of no show factors as we have been experienced recently.

Many Thanks JF

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