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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

For #9754 :

1) I did not describe it for number search page I describe it for the Vendor page (https://portal.voip.us/admin/vendors).
2) On admin dashboard page the data of search result is coming from the database of Voip. And if the database contain data of that numbers then it will display the result. I did not make any change on it’s searching functionality. I only added the code of to convert vanity number to the numeric.

For #9755 :
1) I did not sure about that right now.

for #9759 :
1) As i describe the admin dashboard1 search functionality searches data from the database of voip. And i only made change to convert the vanity Number’s string value to the numeric number. if the data for that number is available in voip database then it will return that data on the search result.

For #9760 :
Can you please specify on which page this all issue has been generated?
and if It is admin dashboard then
1) As i clarify in my previous comment as per code this page is search data from the Voip database.
2) I did not touch any code related to the order functionality.
3) the Number paging is working like before. i did Not make any changes related to the pagination.