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Mark Hanson
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Hi Nishit i had a look at CLEC inventory loading GIF and search functionality,
here are my opinion comments below:

1) The loading GIF is better that the content is not going blank but the loading gif looks not really good it is sitting at the top of the page for some reason i guess the site admin tester will reply on this as they have alreay mentioned many times that they would like to have the loader positioned at the center of the page not at the top header.

2)also we can see the gif squares on the deemed background looking not perfectional i wounder if you can make a gif on a transparent background so the globe loads over with no squer white background to be honest it does not look professional.

3) Searching numbers i used various states and their area codes it looks you did the job as it has been requested so ppl not guessing each state area codes, but i honesty i could not find any number and always seen error saying record not found.

Once again it is my quick look on this but i have sent request to check someone from site admins and they may be reply with different feedback but what ever i mentioned at the top that’s what they usually check for.

So if anything can be fixed i would fix it will wait for the admins reply.