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Nishit Shan
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For CLEC Page Error : there is some conflict into error display because of that this issue is Generated. Which loading gif glob do you want to display while processing ?

a) https://i.postimg.cc/J0qXrrtL/screenshot-excellentnumbers-com-2022-08-18-09-46-23.png (This image is uses for universal ajax request means on admin side and front side)
b) https://i.postimg.cc/RCXqZbX4/screenshot-excellentnumbers-com-2022-08-18-09-45-26.png (We are using this image on my number page requests)
c) https://i.postimg.cc/R0BvRcXg/Screenshot-2022-08-18-at-09-47-14-https-excellentnumbers-com.png (This image displays when page is loading.)

For New Number widget :- changed the query and hidden the sold numbers from view. Now user can not access the sold numbers

For contact us page :- the map is now in center of the page and stretched.