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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates in #11922, before sending this task testing to the site admin i had a quick check on your API report and find that user selection box has got some records that is not looking as a users ID please see screen shot attached below:
https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/User.jpg can you please check.

I have tried to allow one user and i can see that Access API link come up and i could see API docs and when we tested some of the links from three we found the following response when clicking on get all numbers link https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Api-Doc-Links.jpg
same when we clicked on get all active numbers

Also i can not find where customer can download API library from that they supposed to load on their own resources. Could you please advice if we should test all the API tasks or just link and site admin user selection part?

For testing numbers we have finally got a reply from the site admins and here is what they suggest:

===================Message from the voip site admin starts======================
If your want to test numbers that should be showing in Pending Port Out then the best option to test that is not submit a PORTOUT requests but your can check it from the Voip user Great Number Inc who ports out their numbers EVERY DAY. So you can login as Great Number Inc user and see the portout numbers on Great Number Inc portout table.

If you want to test Reject and Apporove functionality you can test those numbers that are available on Webmaklay account. If you login as Webmaklay you can find numbers that are already assigned for Webmaklay account.

If you want to portout Webmaklay numbers then you need to make a port from Inteliquent in this case in your Webmaklay account you would see this number PortIn and Portout for the same number because you changing providers but on the same Voip account.

We have checked Webmaklay account and found your have got a number 332222227 and this is Inteliquent but you can not port this number from Inteliquent to Intelquent. Currently we do not do any ports to PeerLess we do however PortOut from Peerless but not doing Port Ins.

When you want to test PortIn and Port out then test Apporve and Reject orders functionality then we will create a number and test it from our end but please clarify when you want us to test it and where.

Aslo please let us know if number is not created but just sitting in Inventory then you can assign any number from Telinta and find any number that has not repeating numbers 4444 or 22222 but find simple number like 3627495 and assign it and process your testing.

We already noted one test today with number 201 if you testing it thats fine.
=======================End of Voip admin message=======================================

So Nishit this is their instruction above and please let us know if you need anything else.