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Nishit Shan
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Hello Mark,

Thank you for your Reply.

For #11787 :

a) For selecting multiple option we(Our designer guy helped me to make this changes) changed it’s functionality to select its option without press CTRL button.
b) The “Back to portal” button has been removed from the members home page.
c) Tn-Setting Page is now working.
d) Changed the field title from “Port Out In” to “Portout Pin”.
e) As i explained it earlier. The port out table works when user search any Numbers or the Number’s Portout order id. The Inteliquent Portout is not give options to sort order by User name or User Id. Because of this we added a messege(Please Search you Port-Out order using order numbers( Port Number ) Or Telephone Number to get the information of order. ) above the search form

For Pending Notification :

Can you update me how much budget is increase for the new changes? As i have to report it to the finance.