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Nishit Shan
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Hello Mark,

For #11523 :

The main difference is there are different API methods(functions) to get data from API for Active numbers and Inventory(DID) numbers, and both gives different response.

And on excellent numbers we are not using DID numbers as a user number search. we are searching & ordering this numbers directly through the provider (Inteliquent & peerless). On Excellent Numbers the user can order and active any numbers from the search and order system. The same functionality is working on VOIP as numbers Search and order from this( https://ibb.co/6WSnDVS ) section on front-end.

Meanwhile we are using DID numbers list as inventory list and main problem is after activation of inventory(DID) numbers, we can not remove the number from numbers list( Number list is comes from the Inventory(DID) API ). On Telinta portal is there any functionality to sort the active numbers from the list of Inventory numbers.

For Remaining changes :
I am currently focusing on this activation process after that i will move to the other tasks.

For #11526 :

I will check this points

Thanks you