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Nishit Shan
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Hello Mark,

Here are the update and some query for the given task.

Voip Number Purchasing:

a) I made changes for this error.
b) Please tell Me on which page loading is slow. so i can check that page.
c) I added a button for “Buy more numbers”. Please check it.

Voip – Links Repair
Phone Numbers Tab:
for Inventory Numbers : i can not understand it which numbers will display here. Do you mean (DID numbers – Active numbers = Inventory Numbers)? And what is the value for Inventory Numbers?

Settings Tab
Account Settings – There was no code created for this Page. This might be separate task for it. And please update which fields will be part of this?
Login Settings – I made changes for this please review it. New Password for user – Webmaklay is => y!V3a%D8

Spelling -Footer –
Spelling – Changes has been made for this.
Footer – In progress

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