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Nishit Shan
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Hello Mark,

Thank you, It is just a bacterial infarction because Of season change. He gave some medicine.


I checked the order script and i found that the script is ok but when it send request to the intelligent for order it gives response positive but it does not provide a order-id with response.

Here is my request and response for inteliquent.
Request :
“privateKey”: “Z0Ainfdg0su6MTfoGgnRhk0B_YYa”,
“tnOrder”: {
“tnList”: {
“tnItem”: [
“tn”: “2515236554”,
“trunkGroup”: null,
“endUser”: {
“name”: “test5”
“tnFeature”: {
“callerId”: {
“cnamDip”: “N”


[status] => Success
[statusCode] => 200
[orderId] =>

Peerless is working Good.

Meanwhile working on the admin vendors control on CLEC page.