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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates, from your #10868 we understood that it is not sequred to make a combine order from both APIs as there can be a filure during ordering / reservation process and that affect entire order.

If that’s the case please make a separate order from each API individually if the order made from Peerless then let it be one order and the customer create an other order from Inteliquent separately. I guess we would need to think how to make the orders generating process more secured so we can make both API searching / reservation/ Purchase under one purchase order.

Please note some additions in the CLEC Inventory task clause 3) where we would like site admin to control vendors search availability for the clients CLEC inventory search page.

Also there is a comment for this task below:
Please adjust CLEC Inventory vendors spelling so both Vendor’s titles spelled correctly as below everywhere where their mentioned on the site:

Peerless Network