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Nishit Shan
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Hello :

Thank you for update.

For Pending Activation Page Improvement:
No i did not consider this task as completed task, I just want to to review it and if any changes required in this changes so you can point me that changes.

I made the changes as instructed in 10833.

Some questions regarding the CLEC Inventory :

1) How can i check large numbers orders ?
2) On which page this bulk removed/ deleted process have to implement ?
3) The currently active vendor setting is created on admin CLEC setting page where admin can decide which vendor’s numbers will be display on CLEC search. currently peerless is selected so the CLEC page searching numbers from peerless only. Do you want to add select vendor drop-down in https://i.postimg.cc/ZR6vg24z/image.png this area ?
4) I can not understand the CLEC Inventory admin setting page changes can you please re explain it and make mock image for this task ?