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Good day Nishit just following up on this conversation today as all our team are off for weekend.
Just forwarding to you some messages that related to this EN upgrades development so you can continue receiving supportive information for your successful timely job completion:

1) there are some replies regarding your Telinta queries mentioned in https://webmaklay.com/forums/topic/en-upgrades-23/page/2/#post-10652. This is the Numbers Activation task which is urgent. As we can hear from our clients that some EN site users can activate their numbers which is a good sign and it makes us thinking that you alrady partialy resolved this issue but when site admin logins their still unable to activate could you please resolve this too?

We have contacted Telinta with your message and here is what they say in reply between dashed lines below :
It seems that your EN developer assigned phone number 12058921598 to user: OrderUserTest
This user has customer class “default”. This class has AVALARA pre-installed tax system which is not active now. I just changed the class to “Retail”. Please ask him to test now

2) We also started receiving complains that contact form delivers not formatted notification emails again as we thought has been fixed by your before. Could you please check that as it is important for our clients to be able to read their messages that being sent trough EN contact form. I attached a screen shot below for you so you may detect the issue and repair it asap.

3) As per Advanced Search Mark’s message above 10661 just want to confirm that yes we may need to upgrade the search look again with the same functionalities that it currently has (as in most of the time it works well) just need some minor adjustments as Mark mentioned so please let us know if you have got some modern / fancy design ideas about new search look we are happy to hear from you.
Overall the Advanced Search upgardes should look like so: Design Changed/ upgraded 70% and adjust functionalities 10% and fixing some issues mentioned in 10661 20%

Thank you for helping us with this.
Best regards Andrey!

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