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Jeff Simpson
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Good day Mark, Nishit thank you for your cooperation,
based on your conversations and arguments we have received a confirmation to increase this job budget from the following sources.

a) Telinta developer support fees have been reduced so it will be still an opportunity to address your query to the Telinta developer upon API Updates / Numbers Activation development which is prioritized task in this phase. If required please carefully prepare for your questions that is going to be addressed to the Telinta developer as such assistance will be limited.

b) Project support assistance labor hours have been reduced. Mark we have to cut down some of your overtime hours for the period of this job development (10 working days as per Nishit EST in #10639). Nishit please be aware that we can only be able to assist you during our Pacific Time working hours NZ&AU time. So please be very certain in your support discussions so we wont loose our time during this job development (10 working days as per Nishit EST in #10639)

Please note however we wont put any timeframe limitations to this job development and not linking it to the updated budget indicated on both project page and allocated developer office page, so kindly implement sonnets resolution perspectives on API Updates / Numbers Activation task which is prioritized task in this job.

Many Thanks