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Jeff Simpson
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Hello guys thanks for #10418, the request funded and added on the job page.

Hi Nishit we have checked around on various browsers and devices and found the folowing:

some of the previously made/paid functionalities not working properly. When EN site customers click some buttons on (Top Up page and Return Process)  not responding or responding with delays as well as loading gif that suppose to indicate processing request started straight after bottom clicked.

As a result: we have added a task to to this job https://webmaklay.com/en-repairs-22/

It looks that customers clicking twice on the same buttons as they can not see buttons clickable or can not see any confirming messages such as “Please wait your request is being processed” or loading gif that process has already been started.

In most cases loading gif appears in delay when customers already clicked once or twice on the same button or procedure.

Related tags to this tasks as below:
# Buttons, #Loading Gif