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Nishit Shan
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Thanks for your reply.

Here are the task summery.

Numbers Bulk Edid – RAFed
Import Numbers From File – RAFed
Back End Errors
a) – RAFed
c) – RAFed
d) – RAFed
e) – RAFed
f) – RAFed
g) – RAFed
h) – Set As pending for now for repair for none EN Numbers
l) – Done
m) – Connected to h
n) – RAFed

Front End Errors
a) – Done
b) – Rectified
c) – Done
d) – Done
e) – Done
f) – Done
g) – Pending for query
h) – Done
l) – Done


a) –
b) – Work in progress. Contact us page display started but it does not send mail because of error. The error says : “The form is attempting to send more data than the server allows.”.
c) –