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Nishit Shan
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For #10246 :
Numbers Bulk Edid – RAFed
Import Numbers From File – RAFed

Back End Errors
a) – RAFed
c) – RAFed
d) – RAFed
e) – RAFed
f) – RAFed
g) – RAFed
l) – I made changes regarding this automatic pin generation.
n) – RAFed

Front End Errors

For #10248 :
I checked the frontend now and it looks it is loading smoothly. I did not find any loading issue.

For Backend(h) :
I created order with 15 numbers from admin and it’s working as you explained. Do you want to make all numbers active while we create order from admin ?
And for order Email i got a Mail for all purchased number.(https://excellentnumbers.com/temp_vid/Your_Order_From_Excellent_Numbers.pdf)

For #10245:
I am also Hoping everything will remain smooth.