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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates,

for #9858 does Remove Older Record Button removes old notifications from DB, i though the system deletes 10 days old notifications automatically?

For notification update button : There are some new area codes coming up in USA and site admin wants to take control of it if any numbers release for this new area codes. So the point was if there will be a button to sync data and check if any new numbers released for new area code by using this ” Notifications Update”. How often does notification checks the vendors number?

for #9859 thank you checking

for #9860 thank you we will need to be sure that all system fetching data correctly from both Intelligent and Peerless so the numbers found trough API and successfully ordered. Please let us know if any additional adjustments require for this scenario implementation so we could discuss it with site admins and finance.