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Mark Hanson
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Hey Andrey thanks for the video i hope it helps, sure will be here for some more time so please Nishit let us know if any questions.
AS per for customers complains here are some comments below:

On Customer setings page in addition to #11050 there is a button BACK TO PORTAL please change the link of it so it goes to the portal https://portal.voip.us/user-home not home page as it is now.

When we click on TN Settings page it loads very slow even for the customers with a few numbers. And those with large amount of numbers the numbers drop down does not show all numbers in dropdown screen shot below:
As a suggestion there maybe better to ask customer what number can they edit before loading TN settings page please advice if you can upgrade that we will contact Jeff and finince.

On Subscriber page it should be “Back” button instead of “Cancel” https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/Subscriber.jpg and it shoudl lead to the members https://portal.voip.us/user-home

there are some more issues on othre page but will add them later.
Please Nishit leet us know if any questions on video or our comments and issues sent to you erlier i will wait for your confirmation if it is all clear to you.

Thanks Jeff for #11075

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