Emoticons on Comments

When we add emoticons while commenting content graphics not being formatted properly and look as a tag code instead.

Video Wide Screen Preview

Video Wide Screen Preview is not active across entire application, that makes video preview not interesting and customers leaving the page due to poor  limited video preview. I understand that it is not an issue but it is as all nowadays sites and apps got this feature enabled so we do not want your application to be boring because you still not implemented obvious things:)

Video Uploads from a Device

Some of our members still upload their videos from their devices but we restricted this option for this level can you please fix it asap it is stuffing our server hard drive. Please find an other user being able to upload video from one’s device while it is restricted. More than that while uploading video from device there is a gap displays under the video and not fully fit on light box.


Sending Messages

Could you please check your One Time Password (OTP) Plugin as it does not sending messages when we open the plugin setting page and go to the Send Messages tab the page is now opening but when we sent message to any member it does not reach our member’s device , please fix it?

Photo Albums

Our photo albums can not be viewed properly,  please visit this page

  1. click view more and try to open a photos from drop down they are not loading.
  2. When you licked view more and seen an other bunch of photos dropped down there is not view more option to see other photos in our albums archive
  3.  No pagination and no chances to see all photos stored on Friends

Please fix it.

Mobile Apps Notifications

After your recent fix our mobile app application holders complain that they not being receive mobile notifications from friends app onto their mobile devices. This issue always happening can you please guys check both apps iOS and Android so our customers always receive our site notifications on their mobile phones?

Photo/ Video Sharing Link

When our users sharing photo album from the apps to an other apps viber for example the sharable url link is wrong and not leading to the sharing content please fix it.

Online Stores Payment Methods

We have got our members reporting that they unable to set up their Payment Methods using your online stores plugin. Our stores were working fine before SE 5+ upgrade could you please check what has happened our stores do not work right and members can not set up their payment methods

we checked this issue and attached a screen shot for you.

Attachments in Apps Privet messaging

All our Friends apps users unable to attach an audio file, links  while sending privet messages to other site members, this issue has been reported almost a year ago but still not fixed tin now.

Please fix it on both iOS and Android apps.

Thank You

Please kindly test all tasks before reporting completion.
Good luck !