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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your #6552, great work you could figure out what was the issue it is working now, well done!

Everything is almost done from this job, there are some issues still coming but their are very minor you can fix them a go. Three is only one task left for this job is PHP upgrade so we can close the job.

for PHP upgrade work please let us know if you require any assistance on it to get it done as it looks we stuck with this task looking forward hearing from you about it.

a)on the number profile page where we did Find Similar Products by Area Code and you done it great:
please change “Find Similar Products by Area Code” – to ” Find Similar Numbers by Area Code”

b) Reservation still not working the numbers being stuck. So for #6527 we have discussed with system admin and he cheeked server times works great its UTS works good. As SA requested please specify your crone task that we can check from the server and see if any thing causing problems. Currently on reservation analytic page all the reserved numbers display with “-” negative value and keep populating on the site and not going back to availability this is can cause a big problem very soon. Please review if we can make this reservation scenario better please let us know if you have any idea we will address it to finance for budget availability.

c) On new numbers page https://excellentnumbers.com/brands/New-Numbers.html filter is not working:- by default it is showing “Ascending” when clients select “Best Numbers” the page brings them back to “Ascending” sorting and not showing Best Numbers results. Could you please fix it. Just to remind you that “Best Numbers” option on the filter is the same as “Price: High to Low”.