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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your update,
here is more info below:

for #6546 – it is all about new page Pending Activation Number when admin activate number for one’s customers the ring to data not being set on Telinta. However while activating numbers from order page ring to changes being sent to Telinta and it works so as per job description site admin wants all functionality work same way when admin activate number from Pending Activation Number page. Currenlty if site admin activate number from Pending Activation Number page the cal forwarding not being synchronized with Telinta.

For #6544 – please let us know if you need any help on that, last time we can upgrade PHP with no problems and you could do it so it is same task you are right.

For #6545 – yes you are right when users specified their call forwarding it is being sync on bothe EN and Telinta when we activate users number same thing should be happening from Pending Activation Number page. When we activate number from the client it puts call forwarding but when we activate number from admin it does not.

See this screen shot how it suppose to look https://webmaklay.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/che-2.jpg when it works

https://excellentnumbers.com/admin/index.php?ToDo=viewAssignedNumbers&sortField=orderprodid&sortOrder=desc&assigned_num_nxx=&assigned_num_npa=&assigned_num_line=&assigned_num_status=6&assigned_num_state=&assigned_num_pin=&assigned_num_date=&assigned_num_vanity=&assigned_num_customer= here where we trying to activate from as admin