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Mark Hanson
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Oh yeah in addition to #6501,as we could see your number profile page,
please make sure that Product Description section should not be appearing unless site admins put any description on each particular number. If no description – No “Product Description” section

Same for “Find Similar Products by Category” section it looks nothing in there so i do not think it is good idea leaving this section empty. I would rather put some relevant links under that section instead of Find Similar Products by Category looking empty and wild.

Remember client likes when we come up with some great ideas even though it has not been mentioned in the task, for example if i was you i would put some relevant numbers under “Find Similar Products by Category”.

Lets say client reserved number (479) 235-2222 and on its profile page i would positioned some similar numbers from same area code and put them under “Find Similar Products by Category” for example (479) 244 -2222 and so on. I know it requires some extra codding but im 100% sure that if your idea liked your task budget will automatically increased.

In fact we are working on old shopping cart where products = numbers and category = states – so i would even change
“Find Similar Products by Category” to “Find Similar Numbers by State”

If you noted finance always keep their eye on developers labor hours and if you did some extra they pay extra!
just some tips:)