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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

Update on tasks
Quick Price Change : Done
Assigned Phone Numbers Page in admin portal Excellent Numbers : In testing
Notification Repairs : Done
Number Profile Page : IN Progress – waiting for client’s feedback
Quick Search Improvement: Done changes, Please Review it.
Mobile Pages Menu: Done
Carrier Lookup Stream Loading : Done
Latest PHP v# adaptation :
Previously Done Broken :
-API Library : I checked the functionality Of this and it looks it working fine.
-Sign In Sign Up : In Progress
-Completed Orders : Done
-Purchase Multiple Numbers Error : Done
-Reserved Numbers by Admin : I checked it and looks working, I put a testing Number reserved for testing if any issue on crone.
-Banner on new pages : I checked it and its looks it depends on controller which pages are using. and code is working as it should. Only some classes are using by banner controller.