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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates:
for #6462 – sure please go ahead and purchase a numbers try to find cheapest number on the site to purchase and test to find the problem. Yes we do have a video sent to us by a customer will forward it to you shortly, but if you find a problem after purchasing number please let us know.

for #6463 – Latest PHP v# – we have already did that job before. Currently our EN project runs on PHP Version 7.#
before it worked on v6 and etc as your know the PHP ini documentations being upgraded every time and old PHP V got depreciated and reach their EOL period.
When system admin installs new PHP v the EN project sometime faces bunch of missconfigs and even can crash and become not compatable for new PHP version updates.
The developer task is to check all the latest PHP requirement and adopt all the project extensions if required.

On this task could you please doble check that all your current and future codding will be adoptable enough for any further PHP v updates in the future, by doing so it will simplify your work when “Latest PHP V#” task scheduled. By using EN cPannel access try to switch current PHP v to the latest available and check if all the site functionality works perfectly and not require any code’s / extension adjustments and if you find some of those please adopt them to the latest PHP v available and if the PHP migration goes smooth and all the EN site adopts new PHP V 8+ requirements friendly then this task will be acomplished (easy money task)

for your #6464 thank you for this sample image will address it to our customer and get back to you with feedback.