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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your reply, with tasks,
we have tried to test your Assigned Phone Numbers Page and still finding issues on that,

here is the test log below:

a)we opened an admin site from mobile
b)we have found a new order (from Nancy)
c)we clicked on this order and can see the number has been purchased and we need to activate it.
d)Then we decided to test your Assigned Phone Numbers Page to activate this new number purchased.
e)On Assigned Phone Numbers Page we clicked Activate Number and received the message Successfully activated
f)the number shows now Active on Assigned Phone Numbers Page
g)we have received an email notification about Congrats number has been activated and it is all good for now,
However in notification email Pin Number is missing please check this,
h) then we returned to our orders page and found this number showing Pending Activation !!!
k) then we checked again Assigned Phone Numbers Page and surprisingly found that this number also started showing Pending Activation !!!
L) we decided to check on Telinta if the number has been activated we inserted number in to account ID field and found that the number has been actually activated.
m) Call forwarding has not been set on Telinta but client indicated it
n) also Pin code has not been set on Telinta as we found old one there.

as a result system works very raw Nishit and we still not getting desired results could you please fix it so we test again.
We now that this is the biggest task from this Job could you please make sure it is 100% functioning so we could proceed with finance.