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Mark Hanson
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Hi Nishit for your #6426

From my side the assigned number page development is done. and I tested it.

We have started testing this task and found it not working, here is our testing log below:

1) We have picked a number from “assigned number page” tried to activate it from that page and we saw a error (not existing number) – as a result numbers activation from “assigned number page” does not work.
2) We have tried to filter all numbers as ” Pending activation” the result respond was one full page of different numbers including those you tested. However we do not have any pending activation numbers all numbers are activated excluding yours tested.

So we proceed picking random numbers and checked their status on the orders page and found that numbers are Ported Out but in “assigned number page” status shows as “Pending activation”!

It seems that your page developed picking some sort of old numbers that show incorrect data that we can not use at this stage as it is.

we have stopped testing on this point can you please review your scripts so the task is working 100% and fully reliable.