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Hello Nishit thank you for your details im here if we need to arrange a call,
from your report i can actually got most of my questions answered.

The good thing is that you sound confident on working with Lavarel and we will stick to that as advised.
We appreciate your opinion and may discuss with the team regarding additional task for your following recommendations:

1) We need to optimize the database queries for take faster response from database
2) For Frontend We also need to optimize the Front code for example for tables we have to set proper pagination.
3) Use Proper optimized images.
4) Check For layout shifts and fix it so we can achieve and implement
Both backend code optimization for fast response to the front.

for your: – For the saving the changes in CMS when i tried to Make changes on CMS. It gives me the Error while i am tried to save the changes on the Builder Page. https://postimg.cc/HJx06RdT

the lavarel Page Builder seems to be working with errors so we would also need you to get that fixed.
The elements and modules not dragging to the working page surface but if you drag any element on the page and then reload this page you will see that the element is there and then you may be able to save it. This is an other issue we were planning to give you task to fix so site admin can actually see when dragging elements with out reloading the page.

Will leave it to you to continue this tasks so we can move further with other issues mentioned in your report.
Please let us know regarding your development process if you get any of the mentioned issues fixed prior our discussions then simply let us know what exactly has been fixed attach some screen shots so we can process it with our finance to pay for your work.

Hoping you will get all these sorted.
Kind regards Andrey