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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

I work on Core PHP and laravel, and for some time Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress,
Laravel is Good for Voip.
The Core Php is Good and Easy to develop but it is too lengthy to devlope any functionality of php. For laravel It is using MVC structure which one is easy and Reliable. And For it’s security laravel Offers the CSRF token while we submit any form to the back end.
And we can get many plugins for our need.

For Voip Perfomence:

We need to optimize the database queries for take faster response from database. And For Frontend We also need to optimize the Front code for example for tables we have to set proper pagination.
I Noticed small detail admin which may make admin page loading slow. the Notifications which loads under the ball icon at top right corner. It is loading 240113 records which may make site slow.
Use Proper optimized images.
Check For layout shifts and fix it.
Optimize backend code for fast response to the front.