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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your reply, is there anything we can check today?
Sorry mate but we are loosing a lot of time and a way behind from our schedule.

Due to big time frame we try our hard to provide you enough support and information about the task how it should be so when your developing time comes you’ve got all the questions answered and got the task accomplished.

Would you please let us know are you busy with some other projects or duties?

In your message above we can see some more questions but we can not see any changes on the tasks and this is a very big time loss for us. The picture on the Portal landing page still the same. We are getting from your email that you are going separate the block first and then do the design we suggested and this is fine please let us know if any progress on this.

We can not see any changes on the site today for the last 24 hours so we can guide you if they were but nothing changed 🙁

As we put in the job the Search & Number portability entire sections should be as one separate block in Lavaral page builder (see link attached)so customer can drag and use it on different area as explained in the job .

We have attached this block below as a screen shot for you again.


Once again we need this block admin editable adding/removing/changing text colors font graphics etc.

Now can you please clarify what are you testing? – you providing us not enough information and we now expect reply from your in another 24 hours. So can you please be as clear as possible.

What are you testing?
What is not working?

We can not see you checking API docs have you tried to check Intelegent API docs it is all clear there if anything not sure please provide full information about your problem issue questions.

Please feel free attaché screen shots so your problem is clear to us and we can provide qualified support.
Looking forward hearing more productive news from you.


P.S We sometime close later ours just because we wait when you start your work and help you out if any questions our extra overtime but we waited for you last night and you did not send any messages for long time so we closed and left home.

The company spends money for such delays and non productivity which as a result impacts our budget.