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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates,
Number Porting Availability – it looks like you got an idea about compact ability, there are still a lot to do:
numbers input very unclear how customer should input their number and which format there is luck of understanding on the form if you look again at numberbarn check you can see loads of details what is this function about and how to actually use it.

We tried to put 1 number it display respond after some time, then we added 2 and could see respond after sometime. Same problem again as we mentioned on EN, when any process starts there should be a loading gif or message explaining like: Please wait checking…. or processing, or loading animation customer always think that process got frozen.

From your form it is not clear what format to input so we tried to put comma separated numbers and input 3 numbers which after it has just stuck and all our checking experience was over.

So need to look at the filed look design, attributes what it is, why it is here what customer can do there, how customers know how they can check their number. I think button should be “check” instead of submit.

More details, text format alignment and loading elements. The input and output data should be very good looking. Since it is an CMS we will change the text later if we want but it should be pre set nicely. Here are more explanation bellow for you, hoping it will bring you more ideas.


Cms Search Area – if you can separate it it is good so that means we can use it on various areas of the site.
I think since we separated it we may need to put a more editing attributes to it so it will look as one of the CMS editable module please let us know when you done we can check and advice later.