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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit in your #6121 we can not find an answer in your Create Account Upgrade page progress. We need to start jumping on Voip tasks (so we could implement at least one task on Voip to release funds to you on this week) but it seems that we stuck with one task here and we unable to start our testing.

Just looking at this history logs:
#5753 Your created a draft https://postimg.cc/jnqn11cc
#5755 we got back with our feedback
#5762 we sent you some ideas and tips how to do that
#5832 then you changed the design as we advised
#5846 here we put more adjustments on your drafts according to the clients feedback
#5847 here you said you will do as advised
#5849 here you showing us an other amended template with some changes from #5846

In your #5849 you presented your draft for create account task and in #5946 you were saying that there is a Java script issues so we thought seeing this page on the site.

#5846 since client had a look at that and advised what they like and what is not it has become clear that we would need to implement on here https://excellentnumbers.com/login.php?action=create_account and this was a time for a green flag i suppose.

Unfortunately we can not trouble client for every comma and full stops but need to bring this task to a testing stage which after we may get back to you with some more comments if any.

just a kindly reminder keep in mind the site mobile site – so your design look good on it as we can see most of the clients access the site via mobile devices.

Please let us know if we missed anything here.

As per template design #6121 it looks good we can not hear any complains from admins.