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Nishit Shan
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Here is a updated list of tasks,

1)Emails Notifications :- Done
2)Coupon Expire Date : Done
3)Create Account Upgrade :- In process
4)Telinta Token :- Done
5)Generating Numbers Pricelist :- Done
6)Products Search Improvement :- Done
7)My Numbers Page Search :- Done
8)“Pending Activation” Numbers :- Done
9)“Pending Activation” Page :- Done
10)Port Out Auto Approve / Additional Task :- Done
11)Numbers Pricing by Vanity
Numbers Pricing by Vanity – Part 1 :- Done
Numbers Pricing by Vanity – Part 2 :- Done

Currently In progress :
The changes of design in API Order Mail template
-Design Has been done I will implement it tomorrow.