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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit hope all going well at your side. To our comments on #6055 we’ve got:

1) Old notification template coming while ordering trough API.
2) #5953 My numbers filter seems to be broken got an other complain today customer who’s got some “Port out not authorized” status numbers but when we select “Port out not authorized” filter there is nothing showing up. So this has got broken at all.

same for “Port out authorized” numbers they are there but when selected not shown. Also default settings stopped working please fix it Nishit.

3) Comment come about Carrier Lookup Page:- customer input his number to check carrier and clicked check there was nothing for about a minute we though the page got frozen (there suppose to be loading globe gif) then entire page got blank and reloaded and then all the page refreshed with the number carrier update. Could we avoid all page reloading but just carrier info as it was before.

Please advice why some jobs we done before breaking up? We used to do the job that loading Gif appearing everywhere with “Please wait…” across the site so customers could see that process is going but in some areas it is not functioning. Are you able to set it as a global settings?

Same for carrier lookup responds we do not need to reload entire page for just a carrier information display.
Looking forward for your feedback.