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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit, we have updated our tracking directory, would you please replace the tracking codes for ExcellentNumbers Com header as below:

<!-- Matomo -->
  var _paq = window._paq = window._paq || [];
  /* tracker methods like "setCustomDimension" should be called before "trackPageView" */
  _paq.push(["setDocumentTitle", document.domain + "/" + document.title]);
  _paq.push(["setCookieDomain", "*.excellentnumbers.com"]);
  _paq.push(["setDomains", ["*.excellentnumbers.com"]]);
  (function() {
    var u="//tracking.webmaklay.com/";
    _paq.push(['setTrackerUrl', u+'matomo.php']);
    _paq.push(['setSiteId', '6']);
    var d=document, g=d.createElement('script'), s=d.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
    g.async=true; g.src=u+'matomo.js'; s.parentNode.insertBefore(g,s);
<noscript><p><img src="//tracking.webmaklay.com/matomo.php?idsite=6&amp;rec=1" style="border:0;" alt="" /></p></noscript>
<!-- End Matomo Code -->

please remove old tracking code from the site as we are missing data from it and put the new one above.