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Hello Nishit hope you have had a great holiday,
Just letting you know that we are starting some work on Voip project and as discussed before from now on we will be loading some work for both Voip and EN.

To avoid and confusion and improve job traceability there will be different job pages for both Voip & EN as well as different support forums for both projects.

We have also updated your page and you can filter both Voip and EN jobs under your Jobs History tab. Also you can see the job links for Voip projects with phone accessories icon and all EN jobs will be marked with #.

You can also find the Voip Project cPannel access under your access column.

All the project jobs would have different task budgets but all the pending payments Total can be found as usual onto your office page assigned PayPal Account tab.

Please have a look around how it all set now and feel free to let us know if you have any questions.
Kind regards Andrey 🙂