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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nshit we have received some comments regarding old jobs and settings on the ENCOM site that are not working correctly now can you please check the following:

My Numbers Page – by default when customers opening My Numbers page https://excellentnumbers.com/account.php?action=my_numbers&accountId=9 it should display all numbers except Ported Out.

There was a job when we asked you to do modify my number page so it shows ALL numbers but not ported out numbers.

This is the total quality of the right hand side widget for My Numbers display wrong quality of numbers as Ported our Numbers should not be included as My Numbers Quantity and this confuses our customers.

So when customer opens up My Number Page he can see ALL numbers EXCLUDING ported out. If customer wants to see his ported our numbers he can manually select Ported Out numbers up in the filter and see Ported Our numbers details.

It was working before but not now can you please fix it.