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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit thank you for your updates!

1) Notification Emails – checking
2) Email Expire Date – This looks like already checked and working but will contact if any ongoing issues, thanks
5) Generating Numbers Pricelist thank you looks like this is still being tested
10) Part 1 thank you – checking

for Numbers Pricing by Vanity : part 2 – see if we have a vanity number 4663 for example price $100 but if we have a rule for this number in particular area code “CCC” increase 50% this number will cost $ 150 and in some area codes different.

So what client wants to have a rule for just this number as a vanity HOME and sell it dearer for example $300 for any area code. Instead of creating multiple rules for all area codes we can tick” Exclude Area Code” and put HOME = $300.

So when customer will be searching numbers for HOME or 4663 then price will be $300 in all area codes and if site admin want to set HOME for area code “CCC” then who ever search the number in “CCC” area will get same HOME vanity for $450.

Shortly we need more pricing flexibility for our vanity numbers and when we select “exclude area codes” then those numbers prices ticked as “Exclude Area Codes” feature will be same price for all area codes unless specified.

Thank you for all the tasks updates this is why we need for finance so they can check which job tested and confirmed to process their payments to your company!