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Nishit Shan
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Hello All,

For #5942
For Telinta code :-
This docx file contain Telinta code and it’s response from telinta.

For Update
1) Notification Emails – Admin side input box has been added to the Store Settings -> Emails Settings. Put the code for user email use is Under progress.
2) Email Expire Date – Done.
3) Create Account Upgrade – Under Progress.
4) Telinta Token – Under investigation
5) Generating Numbers Pricelist – Done
6) Products Search Improvement – In Progress
7) “Pending Activation” Numbers – In Progress
8) “Pending Activation” Page – In Progress
9) Port Out Auto Approve / Additional Task – In process.
10) Numbers Pricing by Vanity – In Process

10) Numbers Pricing by Vanity : part 2 –
I can not understand this( “Exclude Area Code” if ticked all the numbers rules should have prices for the numbers regardless area code percentage increase.)can you please explain it ?


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