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Mark Hanson
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Hello Nishit here is comments based on our testing and consultations with Telinta devs.

Number Prices Generation
a) We have tried to paste about 1000 numbers and prices generated well, we could see pagination at the bottom of the popup and when we clicked on pages it worked well but when we click on 1st, 2,3 page it works but when we need to go back and clic on “1” it does not work unless we click on “First”. Can you please fix so all the pages open when we click on any of them including “1”
b) Please remove Comment columns from the popup so only Numbers and Price columns are present.
c) Please put $ in fron ofall prices generated so it looks Number and $ Price
d) When Price list being exported to CVS file please insure that file saved has title as NumbersPrice and date Number Price 05/04/2022.

As we have been in touch with Telinta, the company developers found that your Token has not been activated, they have activated the token now and please let us know if it does work now without password.