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Nishit Shan
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For Telinta token :-
Thanks you I checked telinta credentials and it is working fine. Can you please give me the path of API token page
My current home page of telinta after login on telinta.

For My number page Searching :
As I said before this functionality is default from the Jquery Data Table Plugin we can not modify it. But we can make modification how the data will display.
Let me explain current scenario.
Currently all data of my number page are loaded at once. on previous changes we made this load into part to reduce the data loading. When all data load the plugin is making current structure of table. At this time the searching is working by Jquery and it search from the loaded data.
what We need to change:
We need to change the data loading from the data base. It will be loaded as the required part means when we click on page number 2 it will get data of only page number 2 with all other search fields data.