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Mark Hanson
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Hello NIshit thank you for your updates,
#5859 yes we have seen your put an orders from the client, please try to not do so as it is a bit shame for us explaining our clients how that happened and why it is a direct impact to our professional reputation. I hope your wrong order submition wont affect his own order submitted earlier.

#5861 yes we thought so that it was a cross conflict and hopping it all woks well.

as per you My Numbers Query – If you are about My Numbers Page Search task there should be everything as it is but allowing customers to SEARCH any number (mostly for those who have got multiple numbers on that page) so lets say i have a number (AAA) XXX-YYYY somewhere on My Numbers page.

Then search should find this number at any way no meter how i put my search query
It can be AA, XXX, YYYY, XXYY, AA)XX etc – some of our elderly customers do remember some digit combinations of their number and we want them to find this number on their MyNmbers page search by any combination they remember.

if your query is about “Pending Activation” – Numbers task then everything is same here BUT some clients order numbers purchase their numbers in to their cart but delay with their payment, these numbers sit an Activate Recently Purchased numbers queue and not visible for both customets who purchase them but not paid (due to Awating Payment Status) and Admin also can not see them too.

So what we wnat you to do here is to allow site admin to see such numbers so admin can activate them IF customer paid for this number by cash for example.

Please let us know if you have any more questions.